Friday, November 21, 2014


Hi, and welcome to my Hockey Secrets Podcast.

And, please don't take that "secrets" part lightly, because you're most likely going to discover a lot of tips and tricks here that you wouldn't find elsewhere.

Then, just to briefly explain all the tabs up above...
  • PODCASTS is where you'll want to go each time you visit, because that's where I'll be adding each new audio program.
  • COACHCHIC.COM is my information packed website I get even deeper into the game.  Give that site a visit when you get a chance, because I offer there a ton of both members-only and free to non-members advice.
  •  BLOG/DIARY is actually my "Coach Chic's Hockey Diary where I get to cover a lot of slightly related to hockey topics that wouldn't necessarily fit in this or the scheme.

  • ABOUT is where you'll find information on my background within the great game of hockey.
  • CONTACT is where I offer info on various ways we might connect
  • FEEDBACK is the spot where I hope visitors will ask questions, and also offer ideas for topics you'd like me address in a future audio, video or article.
  • OTHER lists other, mainly social media type sites where I'd love to connect with you.
Lastly, if you're arriving here during the earliest days of this site, there might only be a few podcasts posted.  I promise you, however, that the list will grow fairly rapidly.

So again, welcome.  I hope we get to be friends soon, and remain so for a long time to come.

Yours in hockey,

Dennis Chighisola/Coach Chic